How to successfully connect your Instagram account to InstaSky

For best results:

  • Add your email address and mobile number to your Instagram account
  • Make sure, e-mail & mobile number added are confirmed and approved by Instagram
  • Deactivate your mobile device GPS
  • Make sure to deactivate two-factor authentication.
  • Make sure that the chosen timezone is your real timezone, from your profile

How to connect your Instagram account?

Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Type your username and password
  3. click add account

Didn’t Work? Try The Following Steps:

In case the previous steps didn’t work, and you still have to confirm the use of Instagram from a new location, Please follow these steps:

    1. Login to Instagram using your PC browser:
    2. Go to and change your password, then close Instagram. OR for best and fast result deactivate your account for 3 hoursand don’t open your Instagram account using a web browser or mobile device until you do the following two steps.
    3. Go to and add your new Instagram username and new password
    4. Click add account

Didn’t work? Get your private proxy

If the previous method didn’t work, please contact us!